TUM Management Alumni e.V.: A lifelong network to boost your career

In addition to a comprehensive education and the ability to think critically, the university gives students another important prerequisite for their career: a valuable network. Whether it is a lifelong friendship or a mentor in challenging job issues – the relationships are characterized by a strong bond, which is determined by attending or having attended the same university. To strengthen the connection between former and current students even more, there is the TUM Management Alumni e.V.. Students at the TUM School of Management can join the association right at the beginning of their studies – and profit from many advantages.

TUM Management Alumni e.V. Summer Party

Events to connect, collaborate and to build strong bonds

TUM Management Alumni e.V. connects alumni, students and partners. At events spread throughout the year, former and current students come together and exchange ideas. Occasions include the big summer party at the Vorhoelzer Forum or the Alumni Wiesn – a visit to the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. And the best thing about it: Signing up as an association member is free for students. “We want to encourage our students to take advantage of this network right from the start,” explains Alumni Relations Manager Ina Herrmannsdörfer.

Even in times of the coronavirus, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. is hosting a lot of events – virtually, of course. Events and webinars like the virtual fireside chat about the world after corona are dealing with the current situation and its consequences for our (work) lives. In the second round of webinar series “Design Your Life” students can plan their career and life path ahead. It will start with new topics from June 4th (in German). Find all of the events here.

Direct links to your dream job

The close contact to alumni and their companies is especially valuable for students. Official career events, such as “speed dating” between students and companies, help to establish contacts. Another popular format is the Reverse Career Fair. Here, it’s not the companies who introduce and present themselves. Instead, participating students get the opportunity to show what they’re made of – as well as show their CVs to company representatives. Creativity usually pays off here, and interesting conversations arise.

But there is also a much more approachable way that association members especially appreciate: If a student is interested in working for a certain company, it is often enough to pick up the phone and get introduced by an alumnus/alumna. “Having a direct, personal contact with a company that interests you is worth its weight in gold. Many alumni are happy to help our students,” explains Herrmannsdörfer. After all, the camaraderie that connects all members is not limited to informative conversation about corporate culture or tips on applying: “Students sometimes come to our office to thank us for the possibility to attend an event that led to a job entry at their dream company,” reports Herrmannsdörfer.

Taking and giving – the cycle

The idea of giving back is particularly important to Herrmannsdörfer. The appreciation for the university and its role during the course of alumni’s careers plays a significant role here. “Our mindset is: If you’ve already made it yourself, it goes without saying that you support current students who are aiming for the same. And my goal is to spread this more and more within and also outside the association.”

If you are interested to join the association you can register here.

To further showcase the work of the association, we now establish the Alumni Tuesday category. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will regularly highlight the work of the association and tell success stories of special alumni and their career paths in a series of articles. We hope you’ll enjoy the read.

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