TUM School of Management’s student exchange program TUM SOMex open for second application period

The student exchange program TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) will this year be run in a two-phase application process, giving students the opportunity to apply for a second time for the remaining spots at TUM School of Management’s partner institutions worldwide in the second period of the academic year 2018.

For TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+), TUM School of Management cooperates directly with more than 90 leading business schools and faculties at renowned universities in 30 different countries all around the world. The international exchanges organized by the program are exclusively offered to students at TUM School of Management. TUM SOMex is able to offer exchanges to Euorpean (ERASMUS+) non-European destinations such as Australia, China or Brazil via bilateral partnerships.

The newly introduced second application period offers students the opportunity to apply for open exchange positions which are still vacant after the end of the first application period, giving an additional number of TUM School of Management students the chance to spend a semester abroad at one of our partner schools. This year, 80 places for the second application period are still open, with the exchange time abroad lasting from January/February 2018 until May/June 2018. Please note however, that an ERASMUS+ grant cannot be guaranteed for students being successfully nominated for the second application period.

In order to qualify for the TUM SOMex application, students must be:

  • studying at TUM School of Management
  • be at least in their 4th Bachelor semester or higher
  • fulfill each partner universities language prerequisites

Students can choose to apply for up to three destinations, after having successfully applied to TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+), for their studies abroad. Each student will receive a score for each university that is based on their grades (65%) language proficiency (20%) and the engagement for incoming exchange student (15%). Based upon this score, the TUM SOMex comittee decides for which partner institution the student qualifies. In a second step each student then has to apply to the selected institution directly, with a relatively high chance of exceptance due to the preselection of the TUM SOMex comittee.
The second application period for TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) is still open until 3 July 2017.

An overview of the available student places and respective language prerequisites can be found here.

For more details on the application process and contact information in case of further questions please click here.


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