TUM-Tech bridges the gap between science and businesses

Sometimes companies lack the know-how of scientific research for improving their products or services. TUM-Tech GmbH, an initiative started in 1998 within the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has taken up the job of transferring knowledge from researchers to businesses in a seamless and demand-oriented fashion.

TUM-Tech provides companies with access to the broad technical and scientific potential of the TUM and other Bavarian universities (i.e. technical colleges, other scientific institutions). In order to find suitable solutions for their clients, TUM-Tech works based on the companies’ individual problems and necessities, aiming to find the right expert in a complex scientific landscape for the presented case, both in the private and public sectors. Alongside the transfer of knowledge, the TUM-Tech also focuses on fostering innovation by providing individual consultancy for businesses and has been successfully conducting lead-user projects (showcase) in cooperation with TUM and various companies for many years. Within the framework of these projects seminars are offered in which student groups identify trends in jointly defined fields of innovation and search for lead users and experts. After the seminars, lead user workshops are organized in which together with the identified experts and users new product and technology concepts are developed for the partner companies who accompanied the project in each case. Another service offered by TUM-Tech is the support of businesses in entering new European markets. In addition, it organizes business and delegation trips to a large number of European countries.

More information can be found at their website.



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