What does it mean to be a sustainable entrepreneur?

Many people see social and ecological problems like these as the responsibilities of international organizations, charities, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). However, encountering and learning more about such challenges helps some people see a potential solution that not only makes the world a better place, but offers them a chance for economic success as well. While not everyone with an idea follows this path, those that make their idea a reality, have come to be known as sustainable entrepreneurs.

In a world where every company wants to be seen as “green,” what sets truly sustainable entrepreneurship apart from the pretenders? The top priority for traditional businesses is earning a profit by providing goods or services customers demand, but sustainable entrepreneurship adds two more elements to the business equation. In addition to the economics goals of the business, the goods or services provided by a sustainable entrepreneur should provide social and ecological benefit as well. This focus on economic, social, and ecological gains is known as the “triple bottom line.”

Balancing the three areas that make up the triple bottom line is one of the greatest challenges facing sustainable entrepreneurs. Some may discover an opportunity that offers success in all three areas at once, but often a sustainable entrepreneur will have to balance the pros and cons of their choices, based on their own values and goals. Studies have shown that many sustainable entrepreneurs have little prior business experience before founding their new venture, making this balancing act even more difficult.

The TUM School of Management Summer School is designed to help would-be sustainable entrepreneurs tackle the entire founding process successfully. Based on the motto “Inform – Inspire – Interact,” Professors and Industry experts will share their knowledge about the theoretical process behind sustainable entrepreneurship, their hands-on experiences overcoming challenges in their own businesses, and their ideas and feedback to perfect your sustainable business plan. Learn to see the world’s largest challenges as opportunities and become a changemaker!

Applications are open until May 10, 2019, with a special Early Bird Rate until April 1. You can find more information about the Summer School and the application process here.

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