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TUM Extended Reality Laboratory (TUM XR-Lab) is located at the new TUM Campus Heilbronn. Visitors are invited to experience virtual and augmented technologies and explore their impact on management education and executive training.  “The EdTech topics will influence how future learning and collaboration will work. And that’s where we, the TUM School of Management, want to be a pioneer.” said founding dean Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar at the opening exhibition event. A short film shows TUM XR-Lab in action and summarizes the best moments of the opening:


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Technologies such as Virtual Reality enable participants to gain experiences, individually and in a playful way, in a safe environment. Apps and social media can combine formal learning in training sessions with informal learning at the workplace and thus support training transfer. The With Lab, TUM Campus Heilbronn gains a place where regional companies can inform themselves about new technologies and participate in events around learning technologies and in workshops for employee development.

TUM XR-Lab was set up in collaboration with the Center for Digital Leadership Development (CDLD). In close collaboration with various stakeholders, experts, and user groups TUM XR-Lab will develop prototypical new formats and services to improve teaching and learning. These prototypes will be tested, further elaborated, and eventually integrated into the study programs and executive trainings at TUM Campus Heilbronn. The lab works, amongst other technologies, with virtual and augmented realities, interactive media, and online learning environments.


The development of TUM XR-Lab runs through four stages. Each stage reflects and builds on the insights and outcomes of the previous stage. The iterative working process ensures that all initiatives are aligned well with the user groups’ needs, the project’s objectives and the lab’s technical requirements.

Installation of a pop-up lab

A pop-up lab will be installed showcasing 5-6 digital learning & VR applications in the field of leadership training and management education. The Lab will kick off with an exhibition and host an ongoing event series with talks, workshops and meetups in the months to follow.

Generation of use-cases

On the basis of interviews and ideation workshops with stakeholders, key experts and user group representatives, relevant use-cases for the development of new formats for digital learning are generated.

Elaboration of use-cases

In cooperation with selected providers, developers and academic partners up to three booths with several digital learning applications are developed and installed in TUM XR-Lab. In iterative cycles the applications are being tested and further elaborated.

Programmatic Integration

Concepts for the integration of the elaborated uses-cases into the study programs and executive education trainings are developed and carried out with the respective user groups.




Building L, 1st basement

Am Bildungscampus 3

74076 Heilbronn

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