Certified Blockchain & Distributed
Ledger Technology Manager

  • English
  • Online/Distance
  • 10 - 11 weeks
  • 1990 €

As a foundational technology, Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are the basis for future data-driven businesses and applications. The Blockchain-inherent decentralisation means a paradigm shift not only for technical architectures and processes, but also for business models and society at-large. For enterprises and their managers, understanding Blockchain and DLT will be an essential component of their future work.

In this brand-new program on one of the most promising but also contentious technologies, corporate leaders learn how to implement and manage Blockchain and DLT, and how to unlock its potential for the enterprise. This Certificate Program covers the technical, business, social and legal aspects of blockchain-based solutions in a balanced and unbiased way.

The modular design of our course allows all participants to align the content with their individual needs. Even though this course is offered completely online, the participants will still be able to interact personally and individually with lecturers and the fellow participants while still being able to follow their own schedule for the majority of the coursework.

The new course design includes a variety of industry-specific options which will enable the participants to transfer their learnings immediately to their individual work environment.

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  • Certificate: "Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Manager"
  • Modules: Module 1: Basics
    Module 2: Specialization
  • Target group: Employees working at the intersection of business and technology who need to develop an in-depth understanding of Blockchain & DLT Technology in order to evaluate its potential or implement it in their work environment.
  • Program Fee: Module 1 (Basics): 1,990 €*
    Module 2 (Specialization): 1,890 €*
    Premium Subscription: 825 €*

    Complete course: 4,123 €* total (benefit from a discount of 528 € to the sum of the individual modules (4,705 €))

    10% discount for TUM Alumni and employees of BMW Group in Germany
  • Language: English
  • Timing: Kick-off: Next program start in 2022, exact dates will be published here as soon as possible
    Duration: 10-11 weeks
    Commitment: One online seminar per week (approx. 90 minutes) plus approx. 5-7 hours of self study (e.g. case studies, videos) and group work
  • Dates: Next program start in 2022, exact dates will be published here as soon as possible.
  • Format: Online/Distance

*Based on our experience, the German tax benefits help many of our participants to self-finance their education as these can be worth of up to 50% of tuition fees and program related travel costs. Please, consult your personal tax advisor for more details. For participants of our programs residing outside Germany this might be applicable, please check the situation with the local tax authorities in your country of residence.

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  • Introduction to Blockchain and DLT
  • Technology of Public Blockchain; Smart contracts, Blockchain-based System Engineering
  • Smart contracts, Token & Coins
  • Use cases of Blockchain Technology, Legislation, Regulation, Organization
  • Implications of Blockchain on strategy & business model
  • Case study introduction

Module 2 builds a bridge to actually applying the concepts learned in the first module in one’s own field of business (i.e, supply chain, Industry 4.0, mobility, real estate). Participants move from theory toward practice and start to drill down and learn more about the nitty gritty of actually planning, pitching and implementing a blockchain use case in the real world. This includes exploration of political and organizational approaches to stakeholder integration and management as well as a deeper approach to the technical aspects of the proposed use cases. The work is accomplished in small groups and offers a tailored approach. The module also contains extra lecture material on blockchain governance and Self Sovereign Identity (SSI).

The premium subscription entails 3 sessions of one-on-one coaching with an experienced Blockchain & DLT practitioner. Participants will receive expert mentoring to transfer information into action and extra support for specific & individual problem solving. This individually tailored work is best suited toward participants who plan to actually implement what they’ve learned in the course within their organization or take their blockchain knowledge to the next level in the context new opportunities in the growing field work as a blockchain practitioner themselves. In addition, they have extended access to all course materials and updates for 24 months.

*The Premium Subscription can only be booked in combination with Module 2


Subject to change without notice

  • Keynote Speaker: Kyriacos Koupparis, Head of Frontier Innovations, Innovation Accelerator, United Nations World Food Programme
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ernstberger, TUM
  • Ulrich Gallersdörfer, TUM
  • Florian Huber, chainEurope.org / Signature Ventures
  • Rebecca Lynn Johnson, Datarella
  • Dr. Markus Kaulartz, CMS
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes, TUM
  • Pascal Mehrwald, TUM
  • Daniel Obermeier, TUM
  • Michael Reuter, Datarella
  • Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe, TUM



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