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  • Online/Distance
  • variable, self-paced
  • 146 €, Discounts available

Learn how the internet works and gain insights into computer networking

The internet is the world’s biggest computer network. It connects almost everything, from people to machines, in all areas, from the art world to the stock exchange. It can be found almost everywhere on this planet and even beyond. It has become one of the most important infrastructures to modern life. But how does the internet actually work? After taking part in iLabX, you will not only understand the mechanisms behind the internet, but you will be able to create a modern network yourself on your own computer.

Why this program?

Each module first introduces the background of a relevant mechanism or tool. After learning the concepts through videos, texts, and interactive learning elements, you will be able to build your own fully-functional internet. Within the vLab virtual Internet laboratory, you will learn to use the same tools that also power the internet. Under close guidance, each module brings you closer to having a fully-functional internet running on your computer. As you will be applying existing internet mechanisms, you will even be able to connect your creation to the world wide web. In this way, after completion of the course, you can call yourself a true master of the internet.

The design of this course focuses on making it both exciting and continuously motivating. No matter what kind of learner you are, we are confident you will find the right learning experience! The videos explain everything in detail, but if you prefer reading instead, that’s also an option. There are many practical exercises – and of course the virtual laboratory – that allows you to configure the real Internet on your computer. Last but not least, there is an engaging story that runs throughout the course: Help the iLabees scale their honey sales, helping their business conquer the internet!

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  • Certificate: After successful completion of the course, participants will get a Verified Certificate from edX.
  • Target Group: People who have a keen interest in knowing the in-depth mechanism behind how the internet works, and who want to apply these tools to create their own internet on their personal computer.
  • Access requirements: -Basic knowledge of computer science is beneficial
    -Knowing how to work on the command line helps but you will also learn this within the course
    -Background in computer networks is not required but will allow for faster progress
  • Academic Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl
    Professor for Cybersecurity at the Institut Mines Telecom (IMT) Atlantique, Rennes, France
  • Language: English
  • Format: Online, via, self-paced
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Program Fee: 146 euros for the verified track, no charges for the audit track. TUM students can take the course for free. For more information, please visit

*Based on our experience, the German tax benefits help many of our participants to self finance their education as these can be worth of up to 50% of tuition fees and program related travel costs. Please, consult your personal tax advisor for more details. For participants of our programs residing outside Germany this might be applicable, please check the situation with the local tax authorities in your country of residence.



A full understanding of how the Internet works in its current versions IPv6 and IPv4
Basic knowledge about Computer Networking Architectures, illustrated with the Internet layer model
Applied understanding of common Internet Protocols
Applied understanding of common Internet Applications including DNS, NAT, and firewalls
Applied understanding of Internet security challenges and mitigation mechanisms

This Computer Networking Course consists of the following six parts:

Signals, shared medium, physical medium, noise, addressing, topologies, unicast, broadcast, headers, payload, trailer, twisted pair, optical fiber, wireless, non-return to zero (NRZ), Manchester encoding, self-clocking.

Internet Protocol (IP), IPv6, IPv4, subnetting, fragmentation, Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC), Neighbour Discovery Protocol (NDP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), static routing, forwarding, multicast.

Dynamic routing, longest prefix matching, Autonomous System (AS), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Dijkstra, Bellmann-Ford, paths, loops.

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), reliable communication, stateful communication, 3-way handshake, aknowledgements (ACK), piggyback, retransmission, congestion control, flow control.

Domain Name System (DNS), resolver, nameserver, zones, sub-domains, iterative vs. recursive name resolution, A and AAAA records, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Transport Layer Security (TLS), HTTPS, virtual hosts.

pricing models and packages

Verified track:

  • Price: 146 €
  • Access to course material: unlimited
  • Shareable certificate upon completion: included
  • Graded assignments and exams: included

For more information about pricing models and packages, please visit

Audit track:

  • Price: free
  • Access to course material: limited
  • Shareable certificate upon completition: /
  • Graded assignments and exams: /


  • Prof. Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl, Professor for Cybersecurity at the Institut Mines Telecom (IMT) Atlantique, Rennes, France
  • Stefan Liebald, Lecturer and Researcher at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at Technical University of Munich
  • Lars Wüstrich, Researcher in the S2O team at Technische Universität München
  • Christian Lübben, Research associate and PhD student in the S2O team at the chair of Network Architectures and Services of the Technical University of Munich
  • Jonas Andre, Student Assistant at the Technical University of Munich
  • Cédric Mohler, Student Assistant at the Technical University of Munich

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