Introduction to MATLAB

  • German
  • Online/Distance
  • 15 weeks
  • 63 €, Discounts available

Take the course and acquire key skills to solve mathematical and engineering problems and create simple programs.

About this course

In this course, we will show you how to use the functions available in MATLAB to solve or visualize numerous typical problems in higher mathematics. You will develop a deep understanding of mathematical problems and their solutions. The active creation of programs supports the students’ accurate and precise work – the solution strategies are not only comprehended but worked out.

What you will learn

  • Confident use of MATLAB
  • Solving typical engineering mathematical problems
  • Create simple programs
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Why this program?

Take the course of MATLAB and acquire a key qualification that will be of crucial use not only in your studies but also in your professional life.


  • Provider: edX
  • Certificate: After successful completion of the final exam, participants will receive a certificate from the Technical University of Munich and edX.
  • Format: Online, self-paced
  • Language: Deutsch
  • Program Fee: 63 €*
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Access Requirements: Basic knowledge of higher mathematics (differential and integral calculus, complex numbers, calculating with matrices, analytical geometry).
  • Target Group: People who are keenly interested in learning new ways of solving mathematics and geometry through computing in MATLAB.

*Based on our experience, the German tax benefits help many of our participants to self-finance their education as these can be worth of up to 50% of tuition fees and program related travel costs. Please, consult your personal tax advisor for more details. For participants of our programs residing outside Germany this might be applicable, please check the situation with the local tax authorities in your country of residence.


  • Chapter 1: First steps
  • Chapter 2: Vectors and matrices
  • Chapter 3: Plotting
  • Chapter 4: Scripts and Functions
  • Chapter 5: Programming with MATLAB
  • Chapter 6: Complex Numbers
  • Chapter 7: Zero determination
  • Chapter 8: Numerical differentiation and integration
  • Chapter 9: Ordinary differential equations


Verified track

  • Price: 63 €
  • Access to course material: unlimited
  • Shareable certificate upon completion: included
  • Graded assignments and exams: included


  • Free
  • Access to course material: limited
  • Shareable certificate upon completion: not included
  • Graded assignments and exams: not included


  • Priv.-Doz.Christian Karpfinger
    Technical University of Munich
  • Sina Greger
  • Benjamin Hab
  • Veronika Kreuzer
  • Kerstin Roder
  • Moritz Rumpf
  • Benjamin Rüth

Are you interested in this certificate or similar programs? Stay up to date!



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