Realizing Biotech Innovation - A Business Guide for Scientists

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Accelerate Your Biotech Breakthrough

Since the beginning of the last quarter of the twentieth century, Biotech has changed all our lives with groundbreaking innovations not only in medicine but also in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, fuels, plastics, or the environment. And it still holds enormous potential to face our world’s current and future challenges.

Groundbreaking research only develops its full potential when being transferred into commercially viable products. This program is designed to bridge the gap between science and business by focusing on the challenges of researchers and entrepreneurs in the biotech industry. How could this be better achieved than by combining the academic expertise with the expertise of those working in the field, such as industry experts and entrepreneurs who will share their advice and experiences?

By the end of the program, you will have the confidence to evaluate the commercial potential of your biotech project, define your business strategy, and talk to financial backers to fund your endeavor.

The edX Professional Certificate consists of three courses:

Each course is offered separately through edX.

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Digital course


  • Start of MOOC Courses: Anytime
  • Registration Deadline: There are no registration deadlines, enrollments are possible at any time of the year.
  • Payment: During application on the platform for a verified certificate
  • Certificate: After successful completion of the graded assignments, participants will receive a Verified Certificate of completion from edX.
  • Academic Responsibility: Dr. Svenja Jarchow
    M.Sc. Stefanie Weniger
  • Requirements: This course is suitable for you if you have a background in life sciences and are interested in bringing a biotech innovation to market–be it as an entrepreneur, in a biotech venture, or as an entrepreneur within a larger corporation.
  • Additional requirements: To master the course, some knowledge of finance and accounting is helpful (but not required).
  • Format: Online, self-paced
  • Program language: English
  • Target Group: The program is right for you if you

    - are interested in starting your own biotech business.
    - have already started your biotech venture and want to learn how to advance and grow your business.
    - are motivated to shape the future of a biotech company.
    - want to move forward with your own project within a larger corporation.
    - are willing to broaden your perspective and look at the business side of biotech research.
  • Duration: There are three consecutive edX courses:
    - Biotech - From Science to Business
    - How to Start a Biotech Venture
    - Financing Biotech Innovations
    Each course has a duration of about 5 - 6 weeks (3-4 hours per week).
  • Program Fee: You can buy each course individually or as a bundle (if you buy it as a bundle, you will get 10% discount):
    - “Biotech - From Science to Business” (136 €),
    - “How to Start a Biotech Venture” (170 €), and
    - “Financing Biotech Innovations” (170 €)
  • Discounts: 10% discount when purchasing all three courses in a bundle.
  • Please note: The price may vary due to global currency fluctuations.


Course 1: Biotech – From Science to Business

The first course illustrates the challenges of biotech entrepreneurship and what it means to start a biotech venture. It will teach you the methods needed to evaluate the potential of biotech innovations and how to define a suitable business model. You will learn how to develop a strategy to pursue with your venture and which first steps to take when starting your business endeavor.

What you´ll learn

  • Getting to know the specifics of biotech entrepreneurship
  • Assessing the business potential through qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Understanding the business model concept and evaluating specific biotech business models
  • Planning your next steps to bring a biotech innovation to the market
  • Defining a business strategy to reach your vision

Course 2: How to Start a Biotech Venture

Second course offers insights into how to build a high-performing team, how to manage the business’s finances, how to ensure the venture is aligned with the market you are operating in, how to protect your intellectual property, and how to navigate legal and regulatory challenges. Thus, this course can help you to get your biotech innovation off the ground and helps you to broaden your perspective in terms of what are key business aspects to be mindful of as an early-stage biotech entrepreneur.

What you’ll learn

  • Comprehensive understanding of how to establish and grow a successful team
  • Mastering the basics of finance and accounting needed to run a venture
  • Knowledge of market-related challenges and how to address those early on
  • Protecting and transferring the business’ intellectual property
  • Awareness of the legal obligations when founding a biotech venture

Course 3: Financing Biotech Innovations

In the third course, you will get an introduction to financing and discusses the different motivations of those involved in financing. It will also enable you to evaluate different sources of financing. Moreover, it will establish an understanding of the challenges faced during to fundraising process such as valuing a company, the legal aspects of an investment contract, or pitching your company to investors. Thereby, it will provide you with the confidence of managing the fundraising process and communicating your project effectively to any type of financial backer.

What you´ll learn

  • Comprehensive understanding of what drives investor decisions
  • Evaluating different sources of venture financing
  • Mastering the financing process including negotiating terms and the business valuation
  • Effective communication & presentation of a business idea



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