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Interoperability is Key

Masterclass Smart Farming and IoT in Agriculture

19 July 2022
5:00 - 6:00 pm
+49 89 289 28474

Interoperability is Key

A Journey from the Initial Ideas of Precision Farming to the Challenges of Digital Transformation in Agriculture Today

Digital Transformation is currently one of the key topics of agriculture. Many professionals in the agribusiness and related sectors want to improve their understanding of digital transformation and underlying technologies. During our virtual Masterclass, we want to give you some insights into this current topic.

Join us if you want to…

…know the initial changes in technology that paved the way for Precision Farming

…get an overview of the concepts of Precision Farming, Smart Farming and Digital Farming

…understand the challenges Digital Transformation in Agriculture is facing:

          • Important technologies
          • Why adoption is slow
          • Why business models are complex
          • Why interoperability is a prerequisite

Afterwards, you will learn more about the Smart Farming and IoT in Agriculture certificate program, which will start in November 2022 at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning.

Welcome by our Program Manager

Masterclass: “Interoperability is Key – a Journey from the inital ideas of precision farming to the challenges of digital transformation in agriculture today” by our program lecturer Maximilian Treiber

Introduction to our certificate program “Smart Farming and IoT in Agriculture”


Are you interested in our event?

Meet our speakers

Anja Brankovic

Program Manager, TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

Maximilian Treiber

Agricultural Systems Engineering, TUM School of Life Science

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