A Journey of Commitment, Learning, and Lifelong Bonds: Stories from Our EMBA & Master’s Graduates

In every cohort, we witness inspiring stories of transformation and growth. This time we said our farewells to the Class of 2022 and Class of 2023, a group of driven individuals, who embarked on a journey of knowledge, self-discovery, and personal development. Silvia Hilpert, Fabrizio Nisi, Magdalena Süß, and Victoria Dalceno José Pedro, now graduates of our Executive MBA and Master in Management & Innovation programs, share their experiences and learnings that shaped their professional and personal lives.

Silvia Hilpert – Executive MBA graduate – Discovering a Passion for Strategy:

For Silvia, the Executive MBA journey began with a strategy lecture that sparked her passion for the subject. “My greatest highlight has been at the very beginning of my EMBA during the strategy lecture,” she reflects. This moment ignited a passion for strategy that now guides her practical applications in the real world.


Fabrizio Nisi – Executive MBA in Business & IT graduate – A Global Learning Experience:

Fabrizio’s Executive MBA was marked by the international aspect within the program. “There have been many highlights during my Executive MBA journey,” Fabrizio shares, “the most important highlight that this university has offered me is the possibility to have modules abroad.” From the prestigious University of St. Gallen in Switzerland to the vibrant campus of the University of Berkeley in California, Fabrizio gained global insights by connecting and exchanging with local professors, enterprises, and by exploring the Silicon Valley.


Magdalena Süß Master in Management & Innovation TUM Track graduate  Applying Theory to Practice:

Magdalena’s Master journey blended cutting-edge theory and real-world application. “My greatest highlight during my Master’s program was the use of state-of-the-art innovation methodology in real-life projects” she shares. Her studies supported her to shape a sustainability strategy within a startup, to be part of AI-related projects in a Hidden Champion, and contribute to the evaluation of a product’s carbon footprint at a large corporation. Her education equipped her with practical skills that now shapes her professional work.


Victoria Dalceno José Pedro Master in Management & Innovation Double Degree Track HEC Paris graduate Building Lifelong Connections:

Victoria found her greatest highlight during her Master’s journey in the people she met. “My greatest highlight was definitely the people I had the privilege to meet,” she emphasizes. From professors and guest speakers to a supportive crew and staff, Victoria cherishes the relationships that fueled her excitement for learning, she reflects: “As students, all we had to do was be there and be excited to learn more.”

As the curtains fall on their academic journey, Silvia, Fabrizio, Magdalena, and Victoria stand as testimonials to the transformative journey of our Executive MBA and Young Professional Master’s programs. Their stories and achievements are proof that commitment and consistency took their learning journeys as well as their professional and personal development to the next level.


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