“An Executive MBA program that provides management capabilities to grow above and beyond” – Guido Brinkmann

Guido Brinkmann, Managing Director and Vice President Engineering at Adtran GmbH, completed his Executive MBA in 2022. In a short interview Guido told us about his motivation to pursue an Executive MBA driven by his goal to broaden his management capabilities and set of skills, he also shared with us how networking and exchange with his peers was an incredible asset during the program. Do you want to learn more about his most valuable gains during his Executive MBA? Read more below.

  1. Why did you decide to pursue an Executive MBA program?

My motivation to pursue an Executive MBA program was triggered by limitations in my career path.  Growing steadily over the years from initial project leads into management roles, my professional life reached limitations. My aspirations and opportunities needed realignment. My intention was to close this gap with an Executive MBA program to provide me with the management capabilities to grow above and beyond.

Aside from career considerations, my intent was to broaden my set of skills. My primary studies were technically focused with a Diploma in electrical engineering, suiting best for technical roles. However, I found general management positions are ideally supported with the foundation of an Executive MBA.  Moreover, the opportunity to grow my network across industries, countries and cultures was an unmatched added value for me.

  1. What has been your most valuable gain from the program for you and why?

The most valuable gains from the program came from its rich program content delivered by outstanding professors and guest speakers. All aspects of state-of-the-art business management were covered, which in retrospect have proven to be a great asset in my daily business life. Strategic business management, innovation, financials, business ethics and personal development, to mention only a few themes, are now key in my role as a leader and coach. The deep understanding of each module became intrinsic with the module assignments, personal studies and teamwork which tied together the learning content.

The mentoring program aspect of the Executive MBA has been a great addition to sharpen the strategic aspects of my professional and personal life, with mentoring, feedback, and reflection. Ultimately, the opportunity for a deep dive into a favorite topic in the Master Thesis is an outstanding journey and experience, rounding up the core and selective modules. For me personally, the Master Thesis topic of development of a leadership framework has been key contributor to my professional success.

  1. How did networking enhance your Executive MBA experience? 

Networking has expanded my own limited view and has provided me with valuable insight. For me, it has been and still is very educational hearing from others that come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, context, education, and personalities. During the Executive MBA program, the teamwork, joint reflection, and casual get-togethers provided a rich source of inspiration for me and other participants. My classmates provided beneficial feedback, and this helped me develop my own skills that have become an essential ingredient to being a true team leader and has enabled me to contribute as a team member. Beyond the program, networking connections across the world have become a huge asset, as peers and friends.

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