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How about personalizing your business studies and management courses to your liking? In this segment, we have compiled additional continuing education programs available at the TUM School of Management. Your company may book these courses according to your specific education needs either as seminars, intensive learning sessions, or customized programs. We are here to help you tailor a course program to develop leadership competence in your business optimally.

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Finance & Management

This is a three-day intensive program that will challenge you to think creatively about alternative investments and the risks involved in them. You will discover the potential for innovation of alternative investments and you will be invited to rethink current approaches in risk management.

Four asset classes – private equity, infrastructure, hedge funds and energy – will be examined with emphasis on investment strategy and risk management. Professors of TUM and the University of Toronto will deliver state-of-the art insights arising from their most current research and experienced practitioners will give you deep insights into practical innovative strategies and their implementations.

Profound knowledge of core management principles is the foundation of every leadership personality. Managers need to be able to get things done in organizations by displaying outstanding professional and leadership skills. This Certificate Program provides a comprehensive, practical and case-oriented introduction to current concepts and tools for effective management.

Completing the “Keys to Management” Certificate Program will build fundamental management skills for a lifetime of successful and efficient leadership.

Recent economic and political developments, as well as natural disasters such as the Tsunami in Japan, are causing a paradigm shift in global purchasing management.

This seminar puts a focus on the role of purchasing for the entire corporate value network and international procurement chain, including supply routes from Asia.

Leadership & Communications

At the beginning of the 21st century, companies are faced with the challenges of navigating an increasingly high level of complexity on a product, process, and organizational level. In this context, assembling self-directed, highly specialized teams of experts is becoming an increasingly valuable asset.

This seminar goes in search of key success principles and strategies behind high-performance teams such as special forces units, firefighters and expeditions. How can companies apply these high-performance strategies to elevate their own efficiency? Participants will work with case studies from research and consulting firms, while peers can provide concrete examples from their own practical experience.

As an experienced executive you possess an extensive repertoire of well-proven tactics of negotiations. Nevertheless, the determining factors as well as the conventions change. Situations are becoming more complex and digitalization asks for direct communication and a quick reaction.

Even as an experienced manager you need contemporary and well-founded expertise in negotiating to stay competent in changing contexts. During our Executive Training “Innovative negotiations for senior manager” you will be introduced to new results of current fundamental research that depict successful negotiation strategies and how you can adapt them in your professional workplace. In your training you will work together with experts of science and experience to develop strategic steps for a preparation and implementation of negotiations.

The success of any organization largely depends on the ability to identify employees with leadership potential, and encouraging their personal growth. In light of the current debate about the shortage of qualified leadership personnel and the role of women in leadership roles, it is vital for companies to utilize their talent pool to the utmost potential. This seminar aims to provide effective strategies for evaluating and selecting the most talented employees for the leadership roles they are best qualified to assume.

Participants are guided through the entire selection process, starting with an analysis of specific requirements for a position and drafting effective job advertisements. In the next step, the corporate job interview is dissected into factors such as the importance of making a favorable first impression together with prevalent evaluation parameters and even stereotypes for judging candidates. In-depth topics include the role of women in leadership positions and the question whether men and women receive equal rewards and recognition for exhibiting the same behavior. Other questions include, ‘Are leaders allowed to display emotions on the job?’, among others.

Over the past few years, the number of women in executive positions has been increasing. Companies in Germany – and beyond – are going to great lengths to prepare their female talent to join the junior and senior executive ranks. Following this trend, a growing number of organizations are aiming to promote and retain female executives.

This seminar examines the state of women leaders in today’s business world, asking: Is there a specifically female approach to leadership? What is the role of personnel development programs such as mentoring and coaching? How can women recognize internal career opportunities and branch out accordingly? How important is career advancement on a personal level – and what is a good balance of life and work? What are the main lessons to be learned from accomplished women in leadership positions and their strategies for success?

Sustainability, Innovation & Change

In light of an increasingly complex word economy and heightened competition across markets, the role of strategic corporate management is increasing. Effective business leaders need to be able to plan proactively, systematically and with long-term perspective in order to position their companies sustainably and consistently.

This course presents the fundamental aspects of strategic corporate management that have proven to be the make or break behind any company’s success. Participants learn to apply scientifically founded concepts for analyzing the market opportunities and (core) competencies of organizations. Based on these fundamentals, we present opportunities for the conceptualization, evaluation and implementation of strategies for business segments and corporations.

Over the past few years, Corporate Healthcare Management has become a focus for companies around the world. This trend reflects a shift from traditional occupational hazards such as exposure to dust, noise and heat towards abstract impositions such as stress. Corporate Healthcare Management provides a holistic, health-oriented approach towards areas such as stress management, leadership, nutrition, communication and physical fitness. Modern-day personnel and organizational development departments are using this comprehensive approach to drive corporate development with a focus on employee health. This seminar will showcase fundamental, scientifically proven success factors for Corporate Healthcare Management.

Every competitive organization relies on innovation as a cornerstone of its growth strategy. Innovation guarantees long-term success in businesses on any scale. This applies to manufacturing companies – in high-tech and low-tech industries – as well as service-oriented organizations. At the core of every successful innovation management pipeline lies the ability to leverage ideas into market-ready products and services.

This seminar presents practice-oriented strategies used by leading corporations to identify, organize and profit from innovations. Drawing on a wide number of case studies and real-life examples, we present the latest scientific findings together with their potential to serve as tools for managing innovation processes in organizations on a daily Basis.


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