Survey shows: TUM EMBA programs help to achieve career goals

They often form the springboard for aspiring managers and support participants in continuously developing their leadership skills: The Executive MBA (EMBA) programs of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). This is confirmed by the results of the current “Graduate Survey 2021” among alumni who have completed one of the programs at TUM in the past two years. For example, more than 60 percent of the participants surveyed say that the program they attended helped them become a better leader.

The Executive MBA program at the Technical University of Munich has been extremely helpful in boosting my career path”, reports Fiore Cappelletto, EMBA 2021 graduate. “Through the program, I increased and solidified my business knowledge in many aspects and improved my self-assessment and leadership skills. This brought me to the next level within the firm.”

The feedback from Fiore Cappelletto is representative of many positive feedbacks in the current survey of graduates of the EMBA programs at TUM in the “Graduate Survey 2021”, published in March.

Feedback on professional development

Every two years, the TUM Institute for Lifelong Learning, together with the TUM School of Management, surveys former participants in the programs on areas such as leadership and job performance. The aim of the “Graduate Survey” is to keep in regular contact with students and alumni in order to respond as ideally as possible to their needs in all further education programs. Respondents provide feedback on their professional development and explain whether the programs have helped them or influenced them in their profession. They have completed further training in EMBA, EMBA in Business & IT or in Innovation & Business Creation.

Career goals are better achieved

The “Graduate Survey 2021” shows: More than half of the former participants say that they could achieve their career goals better as a result of completing one of the programs. And more than 60 percent feel like a better leader after graduation. According to the respondents, this is partly due to the fact that they regularly think about what goals they want to set themselves and regularly evaluate them. In doing so, they feel their challenges as a manager have grown due to their qualifications acquired through the EMBA program and they are confident that they can take on more responsibility in their profession. In addition to the momentum that the participants gain in the programs, they are given the tools to work on their leadership style in the long term, to reflect on their behavior and to develop independently.

“The Executive MBA in Business & IT has accelerated my growth both personally and professionally. Being able to deep-dive into key topics thanks to the modular setup, supported with a combination of extraordinary professors and high-quality guest speakers, provided me with exceptional insight from every angle,“ says Katharina Schwarz, for example, an 2018 graduate of the EMBA in Business & IT.

Professional conditions are changing for the better

A positive development can also be seen in the general conditions of the alumni’s jobs: across all degree programs, the salary of the respondents increased on average after graduation. Also, when comparing the positions compared to the beginning of the study, it turns out that more people hold a leadership and management position or even founded their own company.

As a personal enrichment, the participants also consider it that during their further education at TUM they were able to build up a large network with many fellow students, professors and partners from various industries and cultures, with whom they will remain in contact even after graduation.

Information on the TUM Executive MBA program – EMBA, EMBA in Business & IT or in Innovation & Business Creation – can be found here.


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