Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space

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Digitalisation is changing our society and the working world, creating new processes and radically altering existing workflows. Aerospace is being impacted like every other scientific field and innovation without digitalisation is no longer conceivable. The three-part MOOC series “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” is thus devoted to examining the transformations that have already occurred and forthcoming likely changes, posing the question: what will aerospace science be like in future and what will the influence of digitalisation be on research? An array of research fields are focused on in relation to this question, including artificial intelligence in earth observation, robots in production and digital avionics networks, among others.

The course series projects are devoted to examining the principles of terrestrial technology fields and the disruptive changes caused by digitalisation; to the aircraft design process and particularly the challenges arising during the preliminary design phase and eventually to the principle tasks involved in civil aircraft maintenance. Those three assessments try to give the participants an authentic insight into aerospace research fields and possible job tasks emerging in the aerospace industry.

  • You will understand the impact of digitalisation has on aerospace science and the resulting changes.
  • You will be able to effectively investigate research questions from differing scientific perspectives.
  • You will become familiar with fields of specialisation that are under-represented and engage more in global dialogue on aerospace research.
  • You obtain an overview of the most important aerospace research issues and aquire key competencies.
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  • Provider: Coursera
  • Certificate: Coursera-certificate
  • Format: Online, self-paced
  • Language: English
  • Start of MOOC courses: anytime
  • Payment: During application on the platform for a verified certificate
  • Requirements: No particular requirements besides basic knowledge (bachelor degree) in the field of Aeronautics and Space
  • Target group: Master-level and doctoral students/ other advanced students interested in Aerospace engineering topics; young professionals in the field
  • Duration: Three consecutive Coursera courses; each course has a duration of 4-5 weeks
  • Program Fee: If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free. If you want to get access to all of the courses in the Specialization, and then earn a certificate after you complete the work you need to pay the 55 € monthly subscription fee. If you cannot afford the fee, you can apply for financial aid.

    You can also purchase each course individually:
    - Digitalisation in the Aerospace Industry – 45€
    - Digitalisation in Space Research – 45€
    - Digitalistion in Aeronautics – 91€

Course topics and lecturers

Digitalisation in the Aerospace Industry

  • Digitalisation and the Future of the Aerospace Industry (Professor Manfred Broy, Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern)
  • Digitalisation in Production (Professor Gunther Reinhart and Professor Klaus Drechsler, Technical University of Munich)
  • Human Factors 4.0: Requirements and challenges for humans, teams and organizations (Professor Harald Schaub, IABG and Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg)
  • Managing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul for Civil Aircraft (Professor Josef Mendler, IABG)

Digitalisation in Space Research

  • Digital Transformation in the Space Industry (Dr. Peter Weckesser, Airbus)
  • Space and Digitisation – Changing Paradigms and Challenges (Professor Roger Förstner, Bundeswehr University Munich)
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for efficient and flexible air navigation (Professor Thomas Pany, Bundeswehr University Munich)
  • Digitisation in Earth Observation (Professor Volker Liebig, Airbus and Stuttgart University)

Digitalistion in Aeronautics

  • Digital Strategy of Bavaria (Judith Gerlach, Bavarian Minister for Digital Affairs)
  • Collaborative Aircraft Design (Professor Mirko Hornung, Technical University of Munich and Bauhaus Luftfahrt)
  • Digital Avionics Networks (Professor Peter Stütz, Bundeswehr University Munich)
  • Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Systems with Modelica (Dr. Dirk Zimmer, German Aerospace Center)
  • Digital Models and their Compression in Structure-Control Interaction Problems (Professor Horst Baier, Technical University of Munich)


Course 1: Digitalisation in the Aerospace Industry

The online course “Digitalisation in Aerospace” aims at making you aware of special production requirements connected with digitalisation. You will learn about the role of robotics and automation in manufacturing and gain a better understanding of differing perspectives on research and manufacturing as well as the points where these intersect.

Course 2: Digitalisation in Space Research

This course provides an overview of the most important digital applications in the field of aerospace research. The course instructors discuss how digitalisation is impacting and changing both satellite-based and manned spaceflight research. One unit is specifically devoted to exploring the use of artificial intelligence in the evaluation of satellite data.

Course 3: Digitalisation in Aeronautics

The instructors of the online course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics” present a spectrum of different aviation research and application areas, exploring the impact of digitalisation in this specific field, including the effects of digitalisation in simulating the interaction of aircraft components, in overall aircraft development and related decision-making and in the communication channels used within aircraft. A broad and varied range of applications and digital solutions are explored in detail in the individual modules of this course.


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