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Welcome to the Technical University of Munich’s Lean Six Sigma Certification Course, the first globally recognized Lean and Six Sigma Certification program.

We combine the highest level of theory impact with individually coached projects, leading to benefits for the Learner and his / her enterprise.

In this TUM Lean Six Sigma Certification course we link the…

… flexibility and efficiency of digital learning with the precision and effectivity of individual coaching.

Six Sigma is based on scientific methods and can be applied to all kinds of (business) processes. Therefore we offer our Green Belt Certification to students and employees, involved or interested in quality and productivity improvements.

Student Standard-Project:

As a student you can implement our predefined Standard-Project. Additionally to the course material you will be supported in weekly open online sessions by our Master Black Belt Dr. Reiner Hutwelker on our eLearning platform. As a Lean Six Sigma beginner you can start here (QPLSGBx). If you have already acquired our TUM Yellow Belt Certification, then you can continue with the TUM Green Belt Certification (QPLS4x).
Registration on edX: www.edx.org/course/green-belt

Employees Business-Project:

As an employee of an enterprise you must implement an individual Business-Project. Additionally to the course material you will be individually coached by our Master Black Belt Dr. Reiner Hutwelker. This coaching includes about 10-14 individual online sessions to support the identification, implementation and evaluation of your certification project.



Location: Digital


  • Certification Completion of the project within one year.
    Certification managed by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker, Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certificates: TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (see Requirements)
  • Preparation period Anytime
  • Target group Professionals and executives of quality management from production and service companies. Employees from all business areas and levels actively involved in quality systems and quality improvement.
  • Duration Max. 1 year after starting your project (6-12 months)
  • Coaching Fee €2.500 (Discounts for groups of participants from the same company)
  • Requirements The certification for the TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt covers a theoretical and a practical part.

    The theoretical foundations are taught with the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. This certificate is acquired through the TUM/ edX Professional Certificate Program.
    It contains three courses:

    - QPLS1x Course 1: Six Sigma: Define and Measure
    - QPLS2x Course 2: Six Sigma: Analyze, Improve, Control
    - QPLS3x Course 3: Lean Production

    Please note that we do not accept any other Yellow Belt certificates because we want to make sure that all requirements for the Green Belt practice project are met.

    After acquiring the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, the practical part of the TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt can be started: Identification, implementation and evaluation of a certification project.

    - Selection and implementation of a suitable Six Sigma project in collaboration with an organization
    - Confirmation from a manager of the organization to support and evaluate all DMAIC Phases as a Sponsor
    - Solution to: 1 Quality Problem, 1 Availability Problem, and 1 Consumption Problem
    - Interviews with (internal) customers, two workshops with process experts, collection of real data
    - Evaluation of the project benefits
    - Creation of a Project-Story-Book with all important results of the project
  • Additional requirements Notebook with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Excel 2010 for sigmaGuide and Minitab V16 or higher respectively (30 days free Minitab demo allowed)
  • Program language English
  • Location Digital Course
  • Study participants This program has GB participants from all over the world, from Brazil, China, Ecuador, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Spain, Switzerland Russia, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA. Projects are both in service sectors — in maintenance, call centers, sales, selection & planning processes, and logistics — and in production — from the order processing, manufacture of raw materials, semi-finished products, components, machines and medicines. The average project savings are $100k. This amazing diversity in projects shows the strength of Six Sigma: the method is independent of the created product or service.
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Concept: Theory and practice

Only the combination of Theory + Practice leads to the competence to implement any Six Sigma project with a benefit – as recommended by the ISSSP which links the GB Certification to the implementation of a real project. Therefore this course leads in two steps from theory to practice.

1st Step: Theory – TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

First you will learn the DMAIC[1] improvement cycle, the principles of Lean production and how their methods and tools improve quality and productivity. For mastering these fundamentals you will first earn the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. Its BoK reflects the standard of the ASQ[2] for their certified Six Sigma Green Belt and is the prerequisite for our Green Belt Certification.

2nd Step: Practice – TUM Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

After acquiring our TUM Yellow Belt Certification learners apply their knowledge in practice. You will identify, implement and evaluate a real project to earn our TUM Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. You will be guided by specific tasks, by a series of software tools (sigmaGuide), by a Project-Story-Book template and by individual coaching.

The procedure is described in this book, which book is part of the course material.

TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Path


Register on edX for free, chose & successfully finish the following three courses:

This Professional Certificate is endorsed by Infineon Technologies and covers the fundamentals of the Six Sigma methodology and Lean Production for quality and productivity improvement, following the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process improvement cycle and examining how the principles of Lean production improve quality and productivity and enable organizational transformation.

The material is based on the American Society for Quality Body of Knowledge up to a Green Belt Level. For the mastering of these theoretical foundations the TUM Executive & Professional Education provides the TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate.

This certificate entitles to acquire the TUM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt after successful implementation of the certification project.

    • Identify a new and suitable topic for a Six Sigma project within your organization
      – Watch the videos 1-15
      – Identify and define 1 Quality-, 1 Availability-,  and 1 Consumption-Problem as your project topics
      – Enter the collected information into the tool sigmaGuide
      – Check if the expected benefit is higher than the project costs and our training fee (otherwise you will not find a sponsor)
      – Transfer the results and comment on them in your Project-Story-Book
    • Secure management support for your project
      – Find a manager of your organization to support and evaluate all phases of your project as a sponsor
      – Let your sponsor confirm his/ her support of your project in this Email to our Master Black Belt
      – Send your version of sigmaGuide and your Project-Story-Book to our Master Black Belt

    To ensure confidentiality of all project-relevant information, we ensure that all documents submitted are only accessible to our Master Black Belt. If required, we will prepare a written non-disclosure agreement for you.

    • Apply for the TUM Green Belt Certification
      – Our Master Black Belt will evaluate your results from sigmaGuide, from your Project-Story-Book and the eMail of your sponsor and give you feedback and decide about the suitability of your project
      – After the decision fill the registration form and send it to our Program Manager
  • Watch videos 16-43 and follow the steps of the project guide. This video shows a summary of our sample project.
  • In the DEFINE phase it will be necessary to conduct interviews with (internal) customers, in the MEASURE phase you will conduct a process mapping / analysis workshop. and in the ANALYSIS phase a root cause analysis workshop with process experts.
  • Collect real data from the process in the MEASURE phase. We use Minitab to analyze the data and provide you with this statistics program for the duration of the project.
  • Implement solutions in the IMPROVE phase.
  • Collect new data after your improvements for the CONTROL phase.
  • Calculate the financial and other benefits of your project and have them checked by a financial controller at the end of the CONTROL phase.
  • Document your steps continuously with all important results, interpretations and implications in your Project-Story-Book.
  • Let your Sponsor and our Master Black Belt decide on the success of each phase before proceeding to the next phase.

Win the Global Outreach Green Belt Award

TUM School of Management is offering a new, global challenge to earn a TUM-Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt free-of-charge.

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