“I would love to start my own business in the future”

Meet Our TUM Campus Heilbronn Pioneer Gayatri Gowthaman

Gayatri Gowthaman is one of the first students to complete her studies at the TUM Campus Heilbronn. The 24-year old, who is originally from India, recently finished her Master’s in Management, adding management skills to her background in engineering. Gayatri has now just started her professional career as Program Manager for Co-Innovation at Campus Founders in Heilbronn, and already has ambitious plans for the future: “After a couple of years of experience, I would love to start my own business, either here in Germany, or in India,” she says.

Gayatri is one of the first graduates of the TUM Campus Heilbronn.

Gayatri came to Germany two years ago when she was looking to expand her studies with a Business Master’s. During her Bachelor’s in engineering, she realized she was most interested in management related issues as well as entrepreneurship. Already planning to start her own business in the future, Gayatri wanted to develop her management skills. She found the right match in the Master’s in Management, our Master’s specifically designed for students with a background in engineering or the natural sciences, looking to broaden their management skills. “TUM was my first choice to continue my studies. Originally, I had the campus in Munich in mind, but while checking the website during the admission process, I became aware of the Heilbronn campus and got excited about studying at this brand-new campus. I also learned, that the Heilbronn-Franken region is home to various family enterprises as well as start-ups, which I thought would help me have a wider exposure and provide a good stepping stone for my professional career,” remembers Gayatri. She knew, she would be among the first batch of students in Heilbronn and was happy when she started her studies with only 25 fellow master students. “Personally, I prefer smaller classes so that I can properly understand the lectures without being afraid to ask questions. I feel like each student was given special attention and care because of the small class size.” Gayatri feels, she not only benefited from this with regards to her education, but also with regards to making new friends: “Meeting the same people every day, we soon became a close-knit group of friends. I don’t think I would have made friends this easily had I studied at a larger university with, let’s say, 300 first-year students each semester.”

From her time at the TUM School of Management in Heilbronn, Gayatri takes away fond memories: “One of my favorite experiences during my Master’s here was the study time with my fellow students at the D-building. It’s my favorite spot on campus, as this is where it all started, where we had our first classes, and continued to study for all of our exams.” Another experience, Gayatri cherishes: snowy winter mornings when coming to campus for lectures, because “you don’t see snow in India,” she says.

Gayatri has recently started her full-time job as Program Manager for Co-Innovation at Campus Founders, the entrepreneurship and innovation center in the region of Heilbronn-Franken. “I have been working for Campus Founders as a working student for the past year and just started my full-time position as a program manager. Working there as a student was a valuable experience, that helped me gain insight into methods like Design Thinking. I would like to thank my mentors in the program management team for guiding me at every step of the way and molding me into a better person this past year.”


Upcoming Events: Empowerment of Women

Some initiatives to empower girls and young women to play a part in the MINT sector, take place in the next few weeks. Save the date and join us for an exciting online program on the nationwide Girls’ Future Day, the annual career orientation day for girls, on April 22nd at TUM Campus Heilbronn. Experience first-hand and from home, what the lessons of the future might look like with the application EngageVR and dive into different virtual learning environments.

On April 27th, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. will be hosting the second edition of their new format: TUM Management Alumni Spotlight. This time, the event is dedicated to the topic: Empowerment of Women, with inspiring speakers from science and business. Find out more about this event here.


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