Statement of the winners of the Digital Innovations in Management Education Award 2018

Kristin Knipfer, Thomas Münch, Ellen Schmid, TUM School of Management
Stefan Lülf, everskill GmbH

“Receiving the Digital Innovations in Management Education Award is a special honor for us for two reasons:

First of all, by introducing this new award, the TUM School of Management highlights the importance and the enormous potential of digital technologies in the field of management education and leadership training.

Our Digital Coach is a promising example of how to use digital technologies to enhance the outreach of our leadership development approach in executive education. It allows us to facilitate the individual learning journey of our participants right at their workplace – and this is precisely where the added value of leadership training has to prove effectiveness in the end.

Moreover, we think that our collaborative project is one of the great examples that show the entrepreneurial mindset of TUM School of Management in the field of management education. It is nice to see that TUM School of Management has confidence that talented founders can actively contribute to shaping the future of Management Education.

We very much hope that the Digital Innovations in Management Education Award will encourage researchers, lecturers, students and founders at TUM to initiate innovative projects and to rethink the future of management education.


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