TUM Start-up Secfix Raises Six-Figure Pre-Seed Funding to Automate IT Security and Compliance

IT Security and Compliance are incredibly complex but entirely necessary to run a business. However, the usual methods for preparing for a compliance audit like ISO 27001 are time-consuming, cost-intensive, and error-prone. That’s where Fabiola Munguia and Grigory Emelianov, who both studied at the TUM School of Management, come in with their start-up Secfix (former requestee). Their product is helping smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in becoming secure and ISO 27001 compliant in weeks rather than months. “Our motto is always: make it as easy as ordering a pizza. We want to help businesses become secure and compliant without them needing to worry about investing thousands of hours to do it”, says Fabiola Munguia, who completed her Master’s in Management & Technology at the TUM School of Management.

Fabiola Munguia and Grigory Emelianov // Photo: Secfix

Their innovative business model now brings well-known investors on board. With a six-figure pre-seed round in the bank, Secfix is now going to further develop its first product, a marketplace for ethical hackers, and also implement a software solution to automate ISO 27001, a core security standard used all over the world to help businesses protect their systems and secure their data.

Furthermore, the start-up is expanding its partner network of certified auditors and pentesting companies and developing all the necessary integrations for the customer software. Step by step, more certifications like TISAX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST will be added, and even own Secfix certifications will be designed to create a leading and holistic Security Monitoring Platform for SMBs. The fresh funding round will also be used to grow the team and invest in Marketing & Sales as well as Corporate Development.

Investors include the founders of, Torsten Sturm, Dr. Heinz Raufer, and Reinhard Wick, as well as Dr. Heinrich Arnold, former CEO of Detecon International and Head of Research at Telekom, Paul Taffee, CEO of FINANCE People Solutions and former CFO of Pepsi Cola, Nike, and Dell DACH, Sarah Wolff, CEO of i-Welt, and Andrea Lederer, Director Market Management at Expedia.

Secfix has already received several awards. In addition to the 5th Munich Digital Innovation Award, Fabiola Munguia was nominated among the 14 top Female Founders 2020 by Handelsblatt and McKinsey & Company and among the top 100 most innovative women in Germany in 2021.

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