A deep-dive into the world of blockchain

Anyone who wants to make a career in the financial industry can hardly get around the topic of blockchain. Conversely, those who acquire knowledge about the mechanisms and possibilities of the technology now have the best chances of validating their value and filling key positions. This was also Flavio Garcea’s point of view, who works as Product Manager, Digital Trust for Clearstream (part of Deutsche Börse Group) and participated in our Certificate Program in 2021. In the following interview, he answered four questions about his course objectives and learnings.

What goal did you have in mind when you enrolled in the Blockchain Certificate Program at TUM?

I wanted to obtain a certification that would validate my knowledge in DLT/Blockchain, but more importantly, expand and deepen my knowledge in this area. There are so many important aspects to consider, including business, legal, regulatory, and of course technical. This course allowed me to gain new knowledge in each of these areas.

How did the program further your expertise in blockchain? 

What I particularly liked about this course is that it was not industry-specific, which allowed me to learn how other industries use Blockchain. Also, the course provides excellent foundational knowledge in each module. This allowed me to gain solid knowledge in areas where I had little prior knowledge (e.g. some of the more technical aspects). For the areas where I already had knowledge, the course provided excellent resources for further reading to further my knowledge. The group exercise and case study were also excellent ways to apply our new knowledge and solidify our understanding of the material. Not to mention, I made new acquaintances and friends thanks to the course!

How did the part-time program fit into your professional life? 

The program fit perfectly into my schedule. I was able to block out my Tuesday evenings to attend the live lectures and plan the reading and preparation around my professional and personal timetable. Also, the fact that the course was spread out over several weeks allowed me to really absorb the knowledge of each module.

What was the benefit of having both a faculty and practitioner perspective on the program?

The mix of academic and business mentorship was a balanced and complete way to understand blockchain and its potential. The academic lectures allowed us to understand how the technology works, and the business-led sessions gave us the opportunity to explore and discuss real-world use cases. In the end, it definitely added up to a successful mix in terms of learning.

Are you too looking to continue your lifelong learning goals  and finally understand how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies can be harnessed for your purposes? Then register by September 30 for our next certificate program, which starts in October 2022.

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