Advisory board spring meeting: presentation of job change research project

At the end of May, the Advisory Board of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning met for its first virtual spring meeting. Participants from business and academia discussed the development of Executive & Professional Education together with the leadership team of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning. The focus of the meeting was the presentation of the research project “New Job, New You? Personality Development in Professional Life” by the Chair of Research and Science Management.

Changing one’s work environment through a job change brings challenges – organizationally, professionally and, of course, in terms of personal development. The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning has set itself the goal of supporting professionals from all sectors and career stages in their development. Therefore, Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Founding Director of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, together with Dr. Martin Fladerer, research associate at the Chair of Research and Science Management, reported in the virtual session of the Advisory Board, among other things, on a new research project on the importance of the organizational context for personality development.

A new job can influence your worldviews

Over a period of three years, the project investigates the development of individuals after a job change. For this purpose, participants are surveyed at intervals of three to six months using an online questionnaire or personal interviews. For example, the researchers are interested in questions such as: How do you deal with challenges when changing jobs? How do you perceive your new environment?

“Learning and development take place throughout a person’s life, and this does not end with one’s 18th birthday or the end of one’s studies. In particular, we develop ourselves and our personalities through external stimuli such as joining a new organization,” says Dr. Martin Fladerer, explaining the basic idea behind the research project. “The organizational context is of particular importance here, since many people spend a large part of their day at work and also define themselves through their job and their organization.”

It is precisely these impulses and their interactions that “New Job, New You?” is taking a closer look at over a period of three years: the aim is to understand how, for example, work climate and leadership culture influence the personality development of employees over time. Interested persons who have just changed their employer can register for participation via this link.

About the “New Job, New You” research project

The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is conducted in cooperation with the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning. It is led by Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus and Dr. habil. Armin Pircher Verdorfer (University of Amsterdam) with the collaboration of Dr. Martin Fladerer and Clarissa Zwarg. For more information on the research project, please visit the website of the Chair of Research and Science Management.

About the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning consists of decision makers and executives from business and education. At regular intervals, they discuss new developments in society and economy with the Institute’s team in order to facilitate the development of new programs.

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