Ban Ki-moon calls on students: “Challenge politics and economy”

The former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called students for pressure on governments to cooperate worldwide. At the TUM Speakers Series, he issued an urgent warning against nuclear armament and the consequences of climate change.

“I encourage you to challenge politics and economy,” Ban Ki-moon said to around 1,000 students in the Audimax on Friday evening. “Only activism will ensure that they will follow you.” The generation that grew up in the digital age instinctively understood that people around the world were connected as global citizens. Some governments of the most powerful states, however, attacked the principles of the United Nations.

Ban, who was UN Secretary-General from 2007 to 2016, criticized in particular the US government for terminating the nuclear agreement with Iran, the INF disarmament treaty and the Paris Climate Change Accord. Nuclear armament and climate change are currently the greatest threats – and the multilateral system is the best way to counter them, he said.

Watch TUM Speakers Series with Ban Ki-moon in video

The TUM Speakers Series has been organized by students for students for 20 years. The event with Ban Ki-moon took place within the framework of the Munich Security Conference. Recent guests included Tony Blair, Bill Gates and Ban’s predecessors Kofi Annan.

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