Business Research Ranking: TUM School of Management Best in Germany

Today, the well-known German business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, published a new ranking on the number of research publications for the most successful universities in the German-speaking areas. The TUM School of Management secured an outstanding first place among German universities, and ranks second in the overall ranking. The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland secured first place.

Since 2011, researchers at the TUM School of Management have published over 1,300 articles in leading business journals. For the ranking, the excellence testers, the ETH Zurich and the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, evaluated all relevant scientific contributions that have appeared in around 860 publications since 2011. Depending on the reputation of the journals, universities received a graded point value for the contributions of their scientists. The result: The University of St. Gallen ranks first with around 184 points. Second place, as the best German business location, goes to the Technical University of Munich (122 points), followed by the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the University of Cologne.

Among the reasons for the TUM School of Management’s excellent success, WirtschaftsWoche points to the close exchange with the industry, the Tenure Track Career System as an incentive for scientific performance, and the future orientation of research foci. Gunther Friedl, Dean of the TUM School of Management, agrees and elaborates in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche: “At the TUM School of Management, part of the business model is, that our scientists change and expand their own perspective. Unlike typical business schools, our faculty has integrated with the engineering and natural sciences. This enables us to cover the entire scientific value chain – from management techniques to technology. In addition, our cooperation with the private sector is very intensive. We are working together with corporations on a number of research projects – for example, on the question of how to digitize business areas.” The motivation to publish in top journals is a given for researchers at the TUM School of Management, he says: “Our researchers’ intrinsic motivation to publish in top journals is extremely high. Everyone wants to be visible in the international scientific community, and publications in top scientific journals are the most important currency for researchers”. The Tenure Track System serves to attract top-class young scientists: “In research, a strict performance principle applies at our faculty. In 2012, we installed a Tenure Track System based on the Anglo-Saxon model, which works excellently and is the key to attracting excellent young researchers. Our aspiration is the following: our professors must be perceived nationally and internationally as leaders in their field of research. Innovations in teaching are also included in our evaluation. This approach helped us a lot this year; we had already integrated various digital elements into our lectures before, so our school was not taken by surprise by Corona and the switch to online teaching this spring.”


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Find the ranking in today’s issue of WirtschaftsWoche here.

Last year’s WirtschaftsWoche ranking.



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