CHE Master Rankings: Top Ratings of Our Master’s Programs

Master’s students awarded excellent ratings to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for their Management studies. In a new evaluation of the Master’s student survey 2020, published by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) today, TUM School of Management is listed in the top group for all of the evaluated categories: general study situation, course offerings, study organization, supervision, support, exchange programs, scientific approach to lecture, and the transition from Bachelor’s to Master’s.

The evaluation by CHE shows, that overall, Master’s students of the TUM School of Management are very content with their studies. TUM School of Management was able to improve its ratings compared to the results from the last evaluation two years ago, and received above average ratings for all of the categories assessed by the survey. Master’s students especially valued the possibilities of setting individual subject-specific focal points in the study program, the freedom in the choice of modules, the international orientation of the courses offered, the broad content of the courses offered, the quality, accessibility and completeness of materials for courses and examinations, and the attractiveness of the courses offered at partner universities abroad. More than 90% of our students in Munich rated these aspects as “good” or “very good”.

TUM Campus Heilbronn

For the first time, the TUM Campus Heilbronn was also included in the CHE Master survey. Heilbronn ranks in the top group for the category scientific approach to lecture. Furthermore, the aspects study organization (access to courses and the content coordination of different courses modules, transition from Bachelor’s to Master’s, and supervision during studies as well as the social climate between students and lecturers) were rated highly by our Master students in Heilbronn.

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