Double Degree Track Successfully Completes Innovation Prototyping Module and Tackles Project Work

Shortly before the Holidays, participants in the Double Degree Track of our Master in Management & Innovation program completed what is already their third module here in Munich: From 18 – 21 December 2018, the course on “Charismatic Speech” by Prof. Oliver Niebuhr, MCI Sønderborg, provided techniques for influencing the outcomes of business conversations by controlling one’s voice.

What’s more, the time to present the final pitches in the “Innovation & Prototyping” course that already started during the very first module. Participants presented their completed prototypes in front of the entire group. The verdict: In some cases, the number of iterations during the idea generation process reflected in the fact that the final prototype differed significantly from the initial idea.

Starting into their 2019 curriculum, participants tackled their next module from 7 – 11 January in Munich. The latest insights into “Business Models” and “Technological Trends” were presented by Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy from the TUM School of Management’s Entrepreneurship Research Institute.

Our participants also experienced the latest advancements in virtual reality technology during a tour of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Garching. Next in line, the “Project Work” module was off to a highly motivated start thanks to a lecture on “Intrapreneurship” by Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute. Rounding out the presentations, a guest lecture and workshop by Dr. Sylvia Hubner from the Chair of Research and Science Management focused on conflict management.

For the next nine weeks, participants in the Master in Management & Innovation will be working closely with enterprises of all sizes – from start-ups to corporations – as part of the “Project Work” module. This will offer a chance to immerse themselves into the processes of an organization and tackle specific questions, also to help finalize their own business ideas.

Program introduction: Specifically aimed at young professionals who recently graduated and earned their first professional experience, the English-language Master in Management & Innovation program is focused on the following areas: General Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Over the course of two years, the master’s degree program aims at the targeted development of leadership skills for innovation managers of the future ready to hold key positions in innovation management, process optimization, corporate development, and within a start-up environment.

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