From Business Idea to Digital Prototype

The Wacker Neuson Group “Leadership Excellence Program” in Reichertshofen: An interactive seminar on “Innovation and Business Development”.

How does business design work, and how do I build a digital prototype for my business idea? Participants of the interactive seminar “Innovation and Business Development” organized by the TUM School of Management dealt with exactly these questions.

The two-day training for executives took place in Reichertshofen at the Wacker Neuson Academy and was the third of five “Leadership Excellence Program” modules. Wacker Neuson Group, a listed manufacturer of construction equipment and compact machines, employs over 6,000 people worldwide. Thus, managing directors, executives and heads of central departments from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, USA and Sweden attended the seminar.

This created an ideal opportunity to network and develop joint ideas. Within the scope of an interactive workshop, participants learned to transform a business idea into a business model. In groups, they created digital prototypes in the form of landing pages and videos, which elaborated their business ideas further. The implementation was not only a lot of fun for the participants, but also helped them illustrate a business idea in a simple and efficient way – a useful tool for day-to-day work!

At the end of the seminar, all the business ideas generated, were presented to the group and one of Wacker Neuson’s board members. This sparked exciting discussions and a lively exchange.  Attendees were especially delighted with the short time it took to achieve great results.

All the more reason to look forward to another module with the topic “Leading in an Agile Environment”. In the course of this seminar, participants will look at agile transformation, rules, methods and techniques of agility. In addition, they will learn leadership principles in an agile environment and find answers to questions such as “How do I lead agile teams?” and “How do I lead and change others?” A special highlight will be digital coach Emma, who, after the training, will help them apply their new skills in everyday professional life.

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