Happy first Birthday, TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning!

On January 25, 2021, Prof. Thomas Hoffmann, chancellor at the Technical University of Munich, opened the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning in a mostly virtual but festive ceremony. With its foundation, the institute manifests TUM as a place for lifelong learning and bundles all further education offers at the university. Our leadership team at the institute, PD Dr. Kristin Knipfer, Andreas Fleischmann and Bernhard Kraus are looking back on the very first year of lifelong learning.

The opening in the midst of a pandemic underlined the need for a new and ongoing approach on learning and development from the start. However, the reason behind the foundation of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning is rooted in even deeper developments: Today’s working world is changing more dynamically than ever before, driven by complex technological, societal and economic changes. In this fast moving environment, experts, professionals and leaders must embrace the opportunity offered by lifelong learning to equip themselves for a host of new and complex challenges. In its first year, the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning had the goal of emphasizing this unique opportunity of learning.

New programs and courses and a successful TUM Learning Festival

“The past year has been an incredible journey. We have raised awareness on the importance of lifelong learning and brought several new successful programs to the market. Our learning community grew and we were able to welcome so many inspiring persons here at the institute”, says Bernhard Kraus, Managing Director of the institute. “I am incredibly proud of our team and look forward to many new projects and courses together with them in 2022.”

Indeed: In the area of Executive & Professional education, new programs like “TUM.wood – Building with Wood”, “Focus on Patient Safety” or “Smart Farming and IoT in Agriculture” started for the very first time. With the TUM Learning Festival, multiple events and the TUM Learning Challenge, the team at the institute celebrated the idea and importance of learning. In terms of internal further education of TUM employees, new programs like the CareerDesign@TUM Science Manager or Learning Professional piloted and new course and network offers started. Furthermore, the ProLehre | Media and Didactics team successfully introduced e-examination formats and worked on funding projects like “QUADIS”.

Discover new talents and reach your full potential

“In 2021, we took a big step forward in growing a vibrant community of learners at TUM and in building learning and development into every aspect of the university”, says PD Dr. habil. Kristin Knipfer, Executive Director Leadership and Talent Management at the institute. “I am confident that the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning is soon to become THE place where members of our TUM community discover their unique talents and equip themselves with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to reach their full potential. A big thank you and kudos to our teams who have been working incredibly hard in 2021 to move the institute forward!”

Andreas Fleischmann, Executive Director Teaching and Learning, concludes: “In the past year, we were able – together with many committed teachers and students – to decisively develop hybrid and digital teaching at our university – and I am very proud of that. The exchange with our colleagues in the institute has enriched our expertise with new perspectives. I look forward further drive these developments forward in the coming years.”

We could not agree more and are looking forward to continuing our lifelong learning journey in 2022!

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