International Networking for Decision Makers: Why Joining QTEM will give you a head start after your studies

Benedikt (second from right) is part of QTEM, a network of top economic and management schools that bring together students and global business partners to advance international careers.


The opportunity to join a group of ambitious and open-minded students from all over the world is what inspired Benedikt Anselment to join the QTEM network. Benedikt is currently studying our Master in Management and Technology at TUM School of Management and was elected vice-president of the local QTEM student club in Munich in 2020.This year he also successfully completed a student exchange at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, despite the challenges associated with the global pandemic. We were very excited to sit down with Benedikt to share in his experience in Norway, the benefits he has received from applying to QTEM, and how others can capture these opportunities.

QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management) is a network of 24 top economic and management schools that brings together outstanding students and global business partners to advance their international careers. It offers student exchange programs with partner universities, internships in collaboration with its corporate partners, and helpful connections to provide job placement opportunities within multinational companies. These factors obviously influenced Benedikt’s decision as well: “The prospect of studying abroad at a top-level university as well as having first-hand access to QTEM’s renowned corporate partners were important aspects in my decision to apply for the QTEM network.”

As members of QTEM, students receive specialized training to become the decision-makers of the future. The elite partner schools promote a development of analytic and quantitative skills that can be applied to both their university study programs and to their future careers. “The biggest impact QTEM had on my professional life was definitely providing me with the opportunity to spend one semester abroad at BI and thus benefit from the excellent teaching here”, reflects Benedikt.

Benedikt’s exchange, however, was overshadowed by the pandemic. Due to the contact restrictions, he was unable to attend any classes at university and had to stay at a quarantine hotel at the beginning of his time in Norway. Fortunately, the stay was organized by BI’s international office, which also provided a dorm room for him. Benedikt was still able to enjoy a safe and rewarding semester abroad: “I am more than grateful that I was able to spend six months in Norway during these difficult times. Even though the Corona situation in Oslo did not allow for classes to take place in person, it was still possible for me to travel around the country and immerse myself in Norwegian culture.”

In addition to the student exchange, the QTEM program also includes a minimum six-week internship with an international company. Furthermore, QTEM participants take part in the Global Business & Analytics Challenge (GBAC), a learning program that consists of online training as well as the QTEM Data Challenge. This challenge provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to cooperate and compete in order to analyze and solve real problems, while being supported by alumni and industry leaders. The GBAC is a unique experience that allows QTEM students to network with both industry experts and their peers while solving various challenges by generating insights from real-world business data.

In order to create connections, QTEM strives to organize networking events where students can benefit from the networking with alumni and corporate partners. As an example, the QTEM headquarters in Brussels regularly hosts online career events where alumni working in different industries share insights into their professional lives. “Meetings like this bring a lot of added value”, says Benedikt “I always enjoy learning from people who are already a couple of steps ahead in their careers and really appreciate them sharing their personal experiences with us. Plus, these events are always a great opportunity to expand my personal and professional network – something that might give me a head-start in my career after graduation.”

By graduating from TUM, Benedikt will have earned a QTEM degree – in addition to his master’s degree in science – and certainly a lot of great experiences and connections that will shape his future career. For Benedikt, being part of the QTEM network is an invaluable opportunity: “For me, the biggest advantage of being a QTEM member is the people you meet. Whether you attend a get-together of our local QTEM student club at TUM or participate in a QTEM event at the host university during your exchange, you always meet open-minded, interesting characters you can learn from.”


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