New Institute for LifeLong Learning podcast series

On Friday 16th April the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning launched their first podcast series on the topic of sustainability. The podcasts form part of the TUM’s Learning Festival, seeking to create an informative, but equally entertaining, series of impulses that complement the live events running this year.

There are a number of series in development each with a special focus, but which together celebrate the breadth of research and excellence at TUM.

As podcast host’s Thomas Münch and John Pye describe it, “We are on a quest to uncover interesting and informative topics that can inspire our listeners, while learning a little more about the human stories behind them.”

Podcast series centers around Sustainability

Over the course of the coming months they will be speaking to members of our TUM Community doing exciting things that combine technology, their discipline and a vision of how they can improve the world we live in. The first series, “Sustainability. Time to Change.” will examine the pressing topic of climate change, exploring what actions is being taken to avert the crisis, and asks how science can help build the foundations of a sustainable future.

With podcasts coming out fortnightly on Friday, subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode!

TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning Podcast Aufnahme

Behind the scenes of the first TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning podcast session: Hosts Thomas Münch and John Pye with Prof. Dr. Schreurs (from left to right).

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