Prof. Patzelt and Prof. Achleitner among the Most Influential German Economists

Who carries weight in the media, research and politics? The new F.A.Z. Economists Ranking 2021 has listed the 100 most influential economists in Germany – among them TUM School of Management professors Holger Patzelt and Ann-Kristin Achleitner.

Prof. Dr. Patzelt, who ranks 26th in the overall ranking and is among the top 15 most cited researchers in scientific literature, has been a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Chair of Entrepreneurship at TUM School of Management since 2010. Professor Patzelt conducts research on business ventures, strategic entrepreneurship and startup failure. His work covers both psychological aspects, such as cognition and decision-making by entrepreneurs, and economic factors, such as the behavior and success of entrepreneurial organizations. At the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute, he is one of the driving researchers in the field of entrepreneurship.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Achleitner, who ranks 87, has held the Chair of Entrepreneurial Finance and, since 2003, she has been Scientific Co-Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS) at TUM. Her research is focused on entrepreneurial finance with a focus on the financing of innovation, venture capital, private equity, and family businesses.

The FAZ ranking is based on how often economists are quoted in the media, politics, social media, science and errata, analyzed by Unicepta. The impact of their research is then derived from this.


Entrepreneurship at the TUM School of Management

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is a key element of our mission at the TUM School of Management. Thinking outside the box, being creative and innovative, taking risks and learning from failure, and approaching problems in a proactive way is important for any career in today’s dynamic and technology‑driven world. We educate our students and researchers on entrepreneurship in interdisciplinary and international formats. Plenty of success stories show that this inspires and enables our students, scientists and alumni to think and act entrepreneurially.


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