Digital Leadership & Communication – Insights, Experiences and Impulses from Science and Practice

Digitalization is transforming vast areas of our economy and society. Companies are changing the way they operate as digital technology revolutionizes their processes. Accordingly, leaders today need to adapt their ways of managing them. The Executive Training “Digital Leadership & Communication – Insights, Experiences and Impulses from Science and Practice” prepares managers for these increased demands and shows how proper communication can lead to successful digitalization. In the workshop, participants not only learn about current trends in practice, but gain insights into the latest findings from leadership research. Participants will be able to contribute their own experiences and lead discussions in small groups under the guidance of experienced experts. In this way, they will receive detailed answers to their personal questions. Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar, Founding Dean and Delegate Officer of the President – TUM Campus Heilbronn will be a lecturer at the Executive Training held on 25 and 26 November in Heilbronn. In the following interview, he explains what challenges leaders are facing today and how the Executive Training supports leaders in addressing them.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar

Prof. Krcmar, what challenges are managers facing today?

The challenge is still: to set goals together, to communicate and above all to make sense, in the con-Covid era, however, under completely new conditions, in which a lot that we previously considered normal is changing. Finding solutions that are understood and supported by everyone in the company is currently a great challenge for managers.

What does modern leadership look like?

Modern leadership means, among other things, sounding out what is and can be expected and sending clear messages in order to then discuss them. Comprehensible communication, especially when communicating in a virtual space, is essential.

What is the focus of the Executive Training in this regard?

In the Executive Training, we combine scientifically questioning food for thought with practical examples. Above all, we offer a space for exchange and discussion, so that participants’ concerns can be brought up and discussed intensively.

Who is the training aimed at?

The Executive Training is aimed at managers who are preparing to implement the “new normal” in their own organization and who would like to question and discuss the answers they have found so far with experienced experts.

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