Transformation Towards More Sustainability: New Certificate Program Launched at TUMCS

Harmonizing ecological, social and economic sustainability in management and technology development is one of the major current challenges. The certificate program “Sustainable Management & Technology – Transformation to Sustainability”, which has now been launched at the TUM Campus Straubing (TUMCS), enables participants to support their organizations in the transformation to more sustainability and to help shape innovative technology trends.

At the beginning of April, the new certificate program started with about a dozen participants. The course offered by the TUM Institute for Lifelong Learning lasts about 14 weeks. Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner, Head of the Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management, assumes the academic responsibility of the program. “Companies are challenged to make their contribution to sustainability,” says Prof. Hübner. “This is exactly the mantle we are taking up in the program by training managers in such a way that they can shape a transformation in technology and management.“

The certificate program is aimed at those who want to initiate changes in their field. The participants learn to assess which trends and technologies have the potential to prevail on the market in the future, are enabled to strengthen economic, social and ecological sustainability as well as to identify new business fields and technologies. In addition, methodological knowledge is imparted, for example, in life cycle assessment, circular economy, bioeconomy and the design of sustainable supply chains. Participants should be able to provide proof of several years of professional experience – leadership experience is ideally desired – be interested in sustainability and building a network, and have the courage to make changes.

In addition to the first in-person block, which has now taken place at TUMCS, another will follow onsite in mid-May. There will also be several digital lectures designed to inspire. The participants also bring in cases from their own professional environments and work on them together with coaches.

The TUM Campus in Straubing with its focus on biotechnology and sustainability contributes to the uniqueness of the program. This is confirmed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Goerg, who welcomed the participants at the beginning of their certificate studies at TUMCS. “At our campus, we research and teach the topics of bioeconomy, biotechnology and sustainability in an interdisciplinary way,” says Prof. Goerg. “Therefore, it only makes sense that we also offer a part-time certificate in the field of sustainability, which provides interested people with insights into the topic of sustainability in its full breadth.“

The program originated from the SustainabilityDialogue@TUM. This platform was founded for the regular exchange of knowledge and experience for company representatives across company boundaries and functional areas. The network is intended to give new impetus to the economy and to stimulate research and teaching at TUM.

If you are interested in this certificate or similar program of the TUM Institute for Lifelong Learning, please contact the program manager Sabine Fischer. Contact details and information:

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